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LPC Intern supervision is an important part of your journey to becoming a fully Licensed Professional Counselor. We need to be a good fit, so we'll talk before we commit and submit a Supervisor Agreement form. We can do this via Skype (preferable) or by phone.  

Click here for the Contact Form, or here for email.


You can reference this check list for the License Professional Counselor Intern application:

_________ Application (either by mail or submitted on-line) 

_________ Fee 

_________ Official Transcript 

_________ Practicum/Internship form 

_________ Supervisor Agreement form 

_________ Copy of the supervisor’s renewal card 

_________ Proof of passing the National Counselors Exam 

_________ Proof of completing the Texas Jurisprudence Exam 


All applicants must complete the entire Application for Licensure.

All application materials must be submitted as a single packet.


You can find the application packet here.

Corpus Christi LPC Intern Supervision
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