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I am a Texas state board approved Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in the state of Texas. I have been providing counseling services for almost two decades and providing LPC Intern supervision in Dallas, Texas for 12 years.  I am currently the Clincal Manager of a large metropolitan outpatient clinic in Dallas that serves the severe and persistently mentally ill adult and children with severe emotional and/or social problems.


I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Houston. I later received my Master of Science degree in Counseling from Texas A&M University.  I completed my internship at Group Circle Counseling in Dallas, Texas, under the supervision of Dr. Juanita Kirby, from 1992 thru 1994, where I later continued on as a contract therapist, eventually developing a private practice. Additionally, I've worked in community mental health providing counseling services to adults, and as Director of a child and adolescent community behavioral health clinic which included youth-at-risk engaged with the Juvenile Probation Department of Dallas, Texas.  Most recently I have been supervising the clinical managers of four adult outpatient clinics providing services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbances, as well as an after hours crisis clinic operation.  I also supervised Certified Peer Counselors and assist with mental health related Information Technology needs for Metrocare Services.

LPC Supervision
I obtained my LPC Supervisor board Approval in 2001 and have supervised a number of LPC-interns thru completion of their required hours.  This has become a great passion for me. 


In my private practice and community counseling settings, my clients have varied; individuals, couples, groups, and families. I have successfully provided positive outcome therapy to clients presenting with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, interpersonal difficulties, parenting problems, sexual abuse, "coming out", grief, and HIV/AIDS.   I embarked upon community mental health services with Dallas Metrocare in 1998.  I conducted intake assessments, developed diagnoses, treament planning, provided psychosocial rehabilitation and counseling services to severe and persistently mentally ill clients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression, with secondary diagnoses of personality disorders, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, and co-occuring substance use diagnoses. I enjoy a person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and gestalt therapeutic approach.


Gilbert D. Melchor, MS, LPC-S
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