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LPC Intern Supervision

Designed around your professional needs and busy schedule

If you are in the process of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am currently accepting new LPC-Interns that demonstrate the potential for success, growth, and professionalism in this challenging field.

According to the Texas LPC Rules,  LPC Interns can apply live internet webcam supervision from individual or group settings each week, however, no more than 50% of your total supervision hours, and no more than 50% of your total group supervision hours can be via this method.  (No more than 50% of the your total LPC Intern supervision hours can be from group supervision).  

Read these FAQs for more information.

If you would like to gain 50% of your total LPC Internship supervision hours through the convenience of webcam, or have already finished at least half of your LPC Internship hours and would like to complete the remainder thru the convenience of webcam, contact Texas LPC Supervision and Counseling today.

San Antonio LPC Intern Supervisor

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